Let’s talk about sexual pleasure

Sex, must be said, is first and foremost an act of pleasure. It fulfills, of course, a physiological function and has multiple benefits. And apart from allowing reproduction and generating a feeling of fulfilling a need, it is a great source of pleasure. Not only does pleasure of such exist, but is the main reason for the desire to have sex. 

We humans are born, we grow and partly function to procreate. But, beyond that, thanks to the fact that we are aware of our actions, we can have sex for pleasure. This ability of being naturally conscious and the awareness of what we feel, is rare among the species. This is why being able to enjoy sex is truly a privilege, and to a great extent something that defines us as humans.

What is sexual pleasure?

Sexual pleasure is the enjoyment or satisfaction of certain practices. These can be done either as a couple or alone, and can also vary from one individual to another. These can be with physical contact: kissing, touching, penetration; or psychological, such as talking, sharing experiences, thoughts, dreams of eroticism. 

When we hear “sexual pleasure”, we probably associate it immediately with the concept of “orgasm”. However, this is not really what it is exclusively about. You can have pleasure without having an orgasm, although you can’t have an orgasm without sexual pleasure. Why is this? Orgasm, without technicalities, is the peak of arousal and that each person perceives and feels it differently. But to reach this peak there must be sexual pleasure. 

How does pleasure originate?

We have to realize that sexual pleasure is something holistic, something wholesome. It requires stimulation of the senses. Physical sensations originate in the whole body through nerve pathways that are interpreted by the brain. All nervous stimuli are different: we can be aroused by sight, hearing, touching, feeling. The sexual response is a complex and linear process in which changes occur where our brain speeds up our heartbeat, our breathing, and constantly sends signals to our brain’s reward system. This is how vascular changes occur, in our blood vessels, as the brain sends more blood to our genitals. 

In each person the nerve endings are distributed differently, so the way each person gets excited varies. And, with it, also the things that we like, that stimulate us…. So we should never be self-conscious. We can realize and accept that what we like and don’t like is what makes us so unique. If we understand this and understand our sexual preferences, we can have the most pleasurable sex!

The most important thing we want to emphasize is that if we are not prepared mentally to experience sexual pleasure, there is no stimulus strong enough to generate it. It is an invitation to enjoyment! Either individually or with a partner. It is important to keep in mind that there is no “right way” to obtain pleasure and that this is something inherent to us all.  


Sexual pleasure is the enjoyment or satisfaction of certain practices. These can be done either as a couple or alone, and can also vary from one individual to another.

How to optimize sexual expression? 

How can we do this, how can we know what it is that we like so we can maximize it fully? Well, one answer is to experiment and to explore our bodies. There are many ways to do this, and it is useful for us to know that there are several developments made specifically to promote and stimulate sexual pleasure.

SexTech has allowed us to design and access ways to experience and approach pleasure. From software options or websites that show us a diversity of practices such as ethical pornography. Or various educational software and mobile apps, up to multiple sexual devices of all kinds that allow us to know, experience, enjoy and increase our sexual enjoyment. All this with the use of safe products that makes us feel comfortable and allows us to have experiences we have never had before. In addition, they give us the possibility of repetitive exploration since they focus on stimulating different areas of our body, responding precisely with a great versatility to what we may like.

Knowing ourselves increases our confidence, initially with ourselves and then with other people, understanding that sex is pleasure, joy and freedom, and that this freedom comes from understanding what we like, what excites us and what we want. Are you up to exploring your pleasure?  Are you up to exploring?