sextech in latin america

SexTech in Latin America: first steps

We’re sure you’ll agree. Talking about SexTech in Latin America can still be considered bold. Or at least leave many people with their mouths wide open. And the fact is that the region as a whole is not yet ready for an open conversation about sex, much less sex technology. Especially if you consider the lack of sex education that exists in most Latin American countries. 

However, in recent years we have seen SexTech start to show itself , though in a very incipient way. It emerged, mainly within the feminism movement, a movement that seeks to reclaim sexuality and normalize pleasure in all its shapes and sizes. 

SexTech is a field of innovation that blends technology and sexuality. In its visible and tangible form, it is sexual devices and mobile applications that seek to bring pleasure to the next level. How does it do this?  It tackles all the fundamentals of sexuality, being about health, relationships, safety, education and pleasure.

This movement has already hit hard in the United States, Europe and Asia. However, SexTech in Latin America has not yet had the same impact. Check here which SexTech devices and projects are currently leading the way.

SexTech is a field of innovation that blends technology and sexuality. In its visible and tangible form, it is sexual devices and mobile applications that seek to bring pleasure to the next level.

The first steps of SexTech in Latin America

Although it is just beginning, it must be said that SexTech in Latin America has already made its first appearances. 

  • In Peru, there is the sex education platform “Miah”, the first Peruvian startup in the SexTech sector.  It offers sexuality courses with a 360º focus on body, mind and spirit.
  • Lucía Canjura, social entrepreneur, feminist and activist for Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Guatemala, founded La Sexapp. This is a mobile application on sex education, reproductive health and sexual rights for Latin America.
  • In Mexico, people are also talking about SexTech thanks to Cherish, an online store for erotic toys. The latter offers high quality products that can be used with remote control or from an app, either alone or as a couple.
  • In Brazil there is Nuasis, an online store of sex toys and other erotic objects founded in 2016 by Laura Magri. Have you already started looking for them?
Nuasis Instagram SexTech in Latin America
This is Nuasis Instagram

Isn’t it great? Ultimately, these companies are aiming for the same thing as all SexTech. This is to eliminate the taboos that have accompanied sexuality. And, furthermore, to make it possible for people to truly feel and enjoy pleasure. Yet always understanding that it is part of life and sexual health.

SexTech in social media

SexTech in Latin America has also been present in other formats. Social media, podcasts and other sex therapists have been a precursor to this movement, as it has enabled its full visualization.

Let’s see some examples:

Social media

More and more sites on sexuality have emerged. Some of them teach about the subject, while others just want to show how important it is to vindicate sexuality and how we conceive it. 


They have become very popular in recent times. Podcasts are audio content that is available on an archive or some other streaming platform such as Spotify. It is an on-demand format, meaning the user listens to it whenever they want. Sexuality podcasts are a great opportunity for those who want to learn about sexuality and learn about the experiences of others.

Sex therapists

Perhaps without yet using the term SexTech as such, several sex coaches and therapists have emerged. These are dedicated to educate and inform about sexuality, share content about pleasure, give talks and conferences. Surely you or at least one good friend of yours have already explored these waters. And if you haven’t, the fact that you are reading this today is a good start!

sex therapist sextech in latin america
This is a Latin American Instagram called @sexualidadypareja that is dedicated to educating and debunking myths about sexuality.

The mindset change proposed by the SexTech movement is happening gradually, but there is still a long way to go. Therefore, in order to move towards greater sexual health, it is also important to deepen in terms of sexual education.

Nowadays sexual health and education are becoming more and more important in people’s day-to-day lives. Ultimately, to be able to enjoy sexual life in a conscious and pleasurable way is what the SexTech movement aims for Latin America and the world.  

We need to debunk the myths about sex. Let’s educate ourselves about the fundamental workings of how we are built for pleasure. Let’s discover the technology that takes us to the path back to our human self and the human experience we are meant to live. Or, definitely, let’s talk about SexTech.

There is still a lot to be done around the world and we are here to support you in that journey.